The Software Solution For Public Health Services

We provide Hassle-free Virtual Dental Care for
Everyone. Here, There, Everywhere!

Our Teledentistry app is perfect for
Schools, Community Services, Health
Foundations, Nursing Homes and NGOs

  • School nurses upload and get an Online Dental Report
  • Hygienists can access current dental status by school zone
  • Mobile dentists can maximize at-school dental checks time
  • Knowing upfront the urgent cases and who needs treatment
  • Upon seeing kids’ teeth images, parents are motivated to visit
    the dentist
  • A convenient and easy way to reach more people within the

Easy Peasy Oral Care For Schools

Instead of having a hygienist visiting schools or public spaces for
dental consultation and examination, MOON health will train a
school nurse to take photos inside kids’ mouths and upload them
onto our system. A hassle-free, cost-effective and wider-
reaching alternative for schools! Kids and teens love it!

On-Premise Dental Services For Nursing Homes

Seniors can enjoy the wonderful convenience of maintaining
great oral health from the comfort of their care homes. MOON
health software tools make routine dental care easy to access
and affordable. Should they need an in-home visit by a mobile
hygienist or an in-office appointment, our app is there to help!

Helping Ngos Expand Their Impact

We support NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations that reach out
to vulnerable or disadvantaged people. With MOON Health’s
specialized teledentistry equipment, any mobile dentist can set
up pop-up treatment areas in their community to deliver
preventive and diagnostic dental services

Corporate Social

If your company is interested in joining the Public Health
Movement, we can help! Giving back to local communities is
super simple now. With your good intentions and our mobile
equipment, dentists and other dental auxiliaries can make a
difference by providing oral care service right where people
live, gather or work.

Contact us today! Let’s
make it happen!

Public Health Centers, NGOs, Schools
enjoy the MOON health Smart
Teledentistry Features:

  • Receiving in-depth dental reports
  • Mobile dental care for people with restricted mobility
  • Much more affordable and time saving for everyone
  • Raising dental health awareness faster & easier
  • Post-treatment remote online assistance
  • Effective brush education and oral hygiene routine tips
  • Quick & stress-free sync of public dental care services
  • Quick chat with a dentist – at home or on the go
  • Seamless in-app appointments and communication
  • Overcoming dentist phobia and dental anxiety
  • Local dentist office suggestions at hand
  • Monthly oral health progress tracking
  • Enhancing early prevention and reducing emergency visits
  • Keeping digital dental records safely stored online, in 1 place.
Convenient Prices for the tightest budgets AND all dental care needs

Let’s prevent, educate AND tackle
tooth decay across local
communities together!