The Software Solution For
Streamlined Dental Care

We provide online tools and intraoral cameras for
kiosk-based dental consultations at the right place &

Our Teledentistry Dental Kiosk Suite is
perfect for Hospitals and Business Centers

  • Quick and hassle-free online access to a dentist 24/7
  • Encouraging early interventions and reducing urgent care needs
  • Shortening waiting times in the dental emergency departments
  • 24/7 data sync, so that dentists can instantly review current dental status
  • Mobile or urgent care hygienists maximize chair management
  • A convenient way of efficiently reaching people where they live or work
  • Less time wasted on admin tasks and more time providing care for patients
  • Total patient confidentiality and data privacy guaranteed
  • Easy oral screening & image upload for an accurate Online Dental Report

Dental Kiosks For Busy People

Any public or private organization can set up an onsite temporary dental practice as long as they have access to MOON health software and an intraoral camera. Treating people’s teeth problems precisely where they live, work or gather is more practical and affordable. In-mouth screenings can be done in a snap by anyone who follows the in-app instructions. Easy peasy.

Mobile Equipment For Businesses And Their Employees

Setting up a short-term dental kiosk is a piece of cake when using the MOON health software and the intraoral camera. For businesses who care about their employees, it’s never been easier to provide in-house dental care. A trained person or employees themselves can use the camera, then upload images onto our system. An Online Dental Report, live chat or video call with a dentist or an in-person visit to the hygienist are a click away.

Streamlining Urgent Care Services At Hospitals

For understaffed Hospitals or Emergency Rooms who seek to cut costs, a MOON health dental care kiosk reduces the pressure of urgent oral examinations or treatment and the related paperwork. Patients can perform a dental screening themselves or helped by the trained staff. Based on the Online Dental Report, they receive a timely dental consultation. Urgent cases are redirected to the dentist’s chair while those with less acute teeth problems can use the app to book a video call or a face-to-face consultation.

Do you want to set up a Dental
Kiosk? We make it happen!

Urgent Care Centers, Hospitals and
Business Hubs enjoy the MOON Health
Smart Teledentistry Features

  • Instant chat with a hygienist or a dentist
  • Remote oral health for everyone, including those with dental
  • Interactive self-service dental screening with our intraoral
  • Convenient post-treatment online assistance via video call
  • Ergonomic and lightweight camera for hi-quality oral
  • Comprehensive and quick online dental reports
  • Easy and secured access to digital dental records
  • Hassle-free check-in formalities and quick access to
    patient history.
Affordable Prices for all budgets and all dental care needs

Let’s prevent, educate AND tackle
tooth decay for everyone, together!