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Hassle-free Remote Dentistry at your Fingertips
We Bring Hi-Tech Dental Care Here, There, Everywhere! Our Teledentistry App Is Equally Loved By Patients And Dentists!

High-Resolution Intraoral

The MOON health intra-oral digital cameras allow high-quality remote consultations, as accurate as naked-eye checks. It’s a great, non-intrusive way of keeping a visual track of someone’s dental status, remotely

Detailed Dental Report

From current oral health summary to further treatments, get a full dental review. Comprehensive. Insightful. Easy-to-grasp. For questions, just use the live chat to ask away. A fully licensed dentist will reply asap!

Live Chat Or Video Call
With A Dentist

Always have dentist at hand, right in your chat box! Worried ? Book a video call appointment! Teeth exams can’t get more accessible than this! Save time and energy while keeping dental health in tip-top shape
Avoid the inconvenience and high costs of going to emergency
room or urgent care center - Prescriptions can be sent directly to
your local pharmacy

How Dental Report Works

It’s unbelievably simple, really!


Order a Dental Report with Intraoral Camera.


Receive the hassle-free intraoral camera.


Snap hi-resolution images and upload – it’s so easy!


Get a detailed Dental Report & expert advice.

What’s Included
to Dental Report

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Free intraoral camera
  • Close-ups + explanations of problem areas
  • Actionable Data and Information
  • Estimate Rates for treatment


What to Expect the Results

  • Accurate, Dentist Reviewed Results
  • Secure Results Platform from Any Device
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • A Better Understanding of Your Oral Health
  • Early Prevention
  • No Dental Fear

Prevent and Treat Dental Problems
from Your Phone

Why Moon Health?

Chat with a dentist - at
home or on the go
Quick & stress-free
online appointments
Keep all your dental records
safely stored in one place
Get in-depth dental
reports – comprehensive
written assessment
Estimate rates – get
estimate rates for your
Post-treatment – skip the
in-clinic checkup. Send
photos instead!